Beretta Blue Mini Headset Passive Earplugs

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32 decibels of noise protection and only 7 grams in weight. With the new Beretta – Off Shot Mini Headset® you will discover a new dimension of comfort, freedom of movement and practicality. Conversely to traditional shooting headsets, it does not place any pressure on the head and is extremely comfortable, thanks to the foam ear tips available in three sizes that adapt to the shape of your ear once inserted. Its anatomical design also makes it perfect for extended use, after which it can be placed in its convenient pocket-size case.

32dB SNR

Each Mini Headset includes:

Mini Headset hearing protectors.

Comfort foam ear tip 1xS, 1xM, 1xL.

Detachable cord.

Hard case.

Beretta Off Shot Mini Headset are small and comfortable passive earplugs that guarantee protection from the shooting noise up to 32db SNR certified.

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