BCM Keymod Gunfighter QD Sling Mount

by BCM



    KeyMod™ Quick Detachable Sling Mount







  • Low-Profile for increased mobility and decreased "snag" factor

  • Fits standardized KeyMod™ interface mounting holes

  • Fits standard push button, quick detach sling swivel (not included) 

  • 8-position (360°), non-rotational locking interface 

  • Requires three KeyMod™ attachment hole mounting points

  • All steel construction

*Quick detach sling swivel not included*

Installation Instructions:


* Locate the forward position of the mount, indicated by the arrow marking, located underneath the sling mount, arrow towards the muzzle.


* With supplied Torx™ wrench, loosen (counter clockwise) the two mounting screws enough so the assembly can drop in and slide forward into the desired mounting position of the rail system.


* With the KMSM in on the KeyMod rail, and the screws still loose, insert your QD sling swivel into the KMSM. This will insure the sling mount hole in the KMSM is lined up correctly with the hole in the KeyMod slot on your handguard, so your swivel will fully seat correctly.


* Tighten screws (clockwise) until firmly secured (30 in-lbs). Remove your QD sling swivel if desired.


* For better long term secured mounting, use blue thread locking compound on mounting screw thread only.


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