Getting a Firearms License

The typical process with getting PAL certified involves a two day course which covers both non-restricted and restricted firearms safety training. The course concludes with two multiple choice tests (one for non-restricted certification and one for restricted), and a practical to show that you are able to handle firearms safely. Upon successful completion of both components, an application to the RCMP is formally submitted. Wait times range widely. We recommend following up by checking your PAL application status online.

The CGN (Canadian Gun Nutz) forum for Canadian gun owners has a great FAQ forum for those hoping to get licensed: CGN Newbie FAQ's

Below are links to our recommended GVA firearms license instructors, please contact them for available courses. 

Firearms License (CFSC/CRFSC)/ Hunting License (CORE)

Silvercore Advanced Training Systems
Tel: 604-940-7785
Wei Ping Chen (粤/国语)
Certified CFSC/CRFSC and CORE Instructor
1207-11871 Horseshoe Way Richmond, BC V7A 5H5
Tel: 604-880-5866